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Lisa Myklak & Pump Creative

A Little About Me 

My initial college education was in science with a Bachelor's in Kinesiology from the University of CO, Boulder. However, a deeper look at my college transcript shows a clear affinity towards the arts with drawing, painting, photography and art history classes. Art and drawing have been with me from the beginning and it's no surprise that my professional career has turned back toward creative pursuits.

I do appreciate the critical thinking gained through the math and science courses as it pertains to accurate dimensions  and concept illustration. Kinesiology was also helpful to my career as a downhill mountain bike racer. Finding my passion for biking while in college, I pursued it fully and within three years won the NCAA Collegiate Division 1 Downhill Mountain Bike title. For the better part of a decade I raced mountain bikes professionally, and at the apex of my career raced national and world cup level events.

In 2004, simultaneous to my racing career, I found an internship with an e-commerce company in the biking industry. I had no idea how fortunate I was at the time, but this position would eventually lead to the re-awakening of my artistic side while also allowing me to pursue my passion for biking and knowledge of the cycling industry.


I wore many hats during the better part of my 16 years with SmartEtailing. I began to appreciate well written copy and good editors, I jumped into working with WYSIWYG editors and understanding the basics of HTML and CSS. I had to understand SEO, how it was implemented and the metrics behind Google analytics. I put together photo shoots and work flows, and helped build searchable libraries of cycling images. But out of all the hats I wore, the one I loved the most was photography and digital design.

PHOTO CREDIT: Meg Valliant

In 2018 I enrolled in Front Range Community College, Larimer campus to be trained in graphic design and much of the work in my portfolio stems from those projects. But most importantly, it confirmed my love for creativity and it gave me an understanding for why design and especially good design is so important.


Directly after school, I had the opportunity to work at Vision Visual Signs and learn from an amazing senior graphic designer about sign fabrication for 3 months before COVID-19 hit. I prepared project proofs with diagrams and mockups, worked with a HP Latex 365 vinyl printer using Onyx RIP software and a Graphtec plotter. Much of the sign fabrication was in-house from table-routing substrates and vinyl application to welding and painting. I loved being apart of the process and seeing it from start to finish.

And now, I look forward to getting to know new people, their projects, industries and clientele. Getting to know you is the start to every good project. If you have any questions about the design process and how that looks for your business or one-off project, please send me email. Initial consultation is free. 

My mission is to make your mission work. 


Branding & Presentation
I can help get your message across clearly through well crafted branding, layout and graphic information.

One-off Projects, Art Renderings & Photo Composites

Do you have a creative idea you would like to see come to fruition? Bring your idea to me and lets bring it to life.

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Lisa Myklak
Lisa Tharp is owner and lead graphic designer at Pump Creative

I Can Help With

   Logo/Graphic Creation

   Web Banners & Digital Ads 


   Print Layout, Mailers & Posters   

   Outreach & Social Media


   Branding Systems

   Business Card & Letter Head


   Die-Cut Stickers
   Tee Shirts, Hats & Apparel

   Vehicle Decals/Wrap Designs

Social Handles

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