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MASH UP—Composite Photography Fun

Who doesn't love an other-worldy image that's tangibly real? Composite Photography (not a new thing) is personally one of my favorite workflows due to its artistic nature of meshing, merging and blending layers together. My medium would be pixels or Photoshop, but ideally I want it all to start behind my lens. Regardless of where your source images come from, all road maps to final product are vague—you just have to explore the elements and work them together.

Here are two photo-composite pieces—one with a little more artistic rendering—that I created for my Photoshop II project at FRRC, Larimer campus.

The first piece, Swinging in Fall is composed of 5 images and the second piece, Wonder Climb was rendered from two images. All images were taken from my cell phone.

Here is a link to an advanced Lynda tutorial on composite photography. We did this in my advanced level photoshop class. Even if you don't conquer the whole tutorial just learning different elements in it is rewarding—especially the vanishing point filter!

Let me know about your favorite photo-composite project. Was it fun? Frustrating?

Contact me if you would like me to start a Composite Photography project—they make great artwork!


DID YOU KNOW? Your Library card in Fort Collins, CO or Loveland, CO gives you free access to (download files included). This is an amazing resource, folks!

Go get a library card or use the number on the back of your current card to login in to Lynda. Start searching for anything you would like to learn about. The Adobe tutorials are excellent!

Let me know about your favorite photo-composite project. Was it fun? Frustrating?


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